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Who are we ?

In 2014, several establishments in Rhône-Alpes (now Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes), Western Switzerland, Piedmont and Lombardy decided to form a unique partnership in order to share their data and experience about the employability of young doctors and the actions that they are conducting to help them in this essential but sometimes tortuous path.


In Rhône-Alpes:  Université de Lyon

The Université de Lyon is a group made of 12 universities and higher education institutions located in Lyon or Saint-Etienne. Its 5000 doctoral students are registered in 17 doctoral schools with programs covering all scientific fields. A cross-functional programme putting a special emphasis on professional integration offers 60 different modules.

In Western Switzerland: CUSO

The Conférence Universitaire de Suisse Occidentale (CUSO) groups together the universities of Freiburg, Geneva, Lausanne and Neuchâtel, in partnership with autonomous institutions: the EPFL and the University of Berne. It provides programmes to nearly 6500 doctoral students, in all fields of study as well as numerous workshops to develop generic skills.

In Piedmont: University of Turin and Politecnico de Torino

The University of Turin is made of 4 Doctoral Schools comprising 959 doctoral students and covering topics of current interest in all research fields. Established in 2011, the Doctoral Schools have recently organised special interdisciplinary training sessions focusing on postdoctoral career opportunities.
Politecnico di Torino is a leading technical University in Italy specialised in engineering and architecture. Its Doctoral School is a specific structure dedicated to the management of all activities related to 17 doctorate programs which supports about 700 doctorate candidates during their academic and research training.

In Lombardy: the University of Milan-Bicocca

L’Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca is a multidisciplinary public University created in June 1998. 536 doctorate candidates are registered in 19 Doctoral programs covering multiple fields: formal and physical sciences, economics and statistics, law, medicine, sociology, psychology and pedagogy. A unique Doctoral School coordinates all departments and organises cross-cutting activities.