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Employment and professional integration of doctorate holders

Every two years, the OFS (“Federal Statistics Office”) carries out a survey of graduates from Swiss tertiary institutions, one and five years following their graduation.

2013 OFS survey

The 2013 survey of 2008 doctoral graduates residing in the Lake Geneva region demonstrated:
  • A 3.9% unemployment rate for doctorate holders residing in the Vaud and Geneva cantons (this figure concerns only doctorate holders from Swiss universities having answered the survey).
  • A very large proportion of active doctorate holders are employed in the educational sector (43%), as well as in research (12%).

It should be noted that doctors (medical doctors and dentists) are grouped together with pharmaceutical doctors, which explains why the results show 15% of respondents active within the human health and social services sector.

Outside these sectors, a number of doctorate holders are employed in public administration and the manufacturing industry, while a rather large proportion (16%) are distributed among other sectors.

International organisations headquartered in Geneva (such as the UN, the ICRC and the WHO) are not included in the federal economic surveys. Although they represent around 10% of the total active workforce within the canton of Geneva, they account for less than 1% of employers of doctorate holders 5 years following their graduation (OFS, 2013).